Apprentice – Independent Freight

Why did you decide to do an apprenticeship? 

I decided to do an apprenticeship as I knew that the learning methods at university would not be right for me but also, wanted to learn something I can take forward. I was boosted by my temporary role in a traineeship and gained some transferable skills I could take into my new role. This made the apprenticeship scheme perfect for me as it gives me a chance to learn a future career path. This has allowed for me to explore a career I would not have been given an opportunity in even at a base level, which in itself is exciting. Not only this but it has opened the door for me to work alongside experts in the field and establish myself by using their knowledge.

What can you do now that you couldn’t do before the apprenticeship?

I now have a range of field specific skills from being able to complete a customs entry to assisting with stages of the physical freight and movement of the goods. It is however, my transferable skills that I have acquired such as resilience and teamwork that I am most proud of I think that it is this has made the integration into my team easy. In terms of the learning my tutor has been so helpful and is knowledgeable of so many areas of common business practice I have furthered my understanding of the company and how it operates, to the best way to inform clients of news. All of this combined has made the apprenticeship a perfect first step in kickstarting a career.

What have been the highlights?

I am pleased that I have not just been treated as a learner but as an equal member of the team, I have had great tutors and learned skills in a very important industry that is booming given the eco-political landscape that we find ourselves in. To have such a diverse team means that you can pick up so much information in a short space of time. I have loved getting to grips with the different tasks laid out for me and when the first one is conquered independently it gives such a boost of confidence that you are growing into the mould that company have set out for you. I feel as if you can prosper as the intention of the scheme is about making you a stronger candidate in a field of your choice and I certainly feel I am in comparison to when I started.

How has the apprenticeship changed things for you?

The apprenticeship has changed things in many ways it has given me meaning and purpose but also an opportunity at growth in terms of my personality and workplace skills. It must be said that having moved from the welfare system onto my apprenticeship has given me a new lease of life and more motivation to prove what I can do in my role. I feel I have optimised my learning by putting time in but the apprenticeship scheme allows you to show your devotion accordingly by allotting you a certain amount of time each week. This for me is one of the biggest things that has changed as it has given me a new interest in a field that I started with minimum knowledge but now thanks to both the organisation and my tutor I can already, having only been in the role for 8 months, say that I have expanded my horizons and become more well rounded as a character. I would hope the apprenticeship will give me what I need, come the end to explore an intriguing career path for time to come.

Has the apprenticeship met your expectations?

The apprenticeship has exceeded expectations as I was far from expecting to be a trusted member of my team so early on into the apprenticeship starting. This coupled with the support of my team at work, who are always so willing to teach me new things, and my tutor, who always appears to have time to go over something or explain further delving into whatever I need to know. What is impressive about the learning is the way it is related back to real world examples; this makes it so much easier to understand and take on board unlike the learning at school.

Has it impacted the business you work for?

I believe that I have had an impact on my organisation as I provide an outlet to delegate tasks to no matter how big or small and in a growing industry, thanks to constantly changing rules and regulations this has allowed me to learn quickly on the job and therefore enrich the team around me by being able to handle more, in terms of both quantity and a larger range of responsibilities. It is by being so malleable that has meant I have opportunities to cover several members of staff, after training, when required since starting my apprenticeship.

Any Addition Comments

Personally, I think the apprenticeship scheme works well when the organisation is 100% on board as mine has been, I think that one of the more underrated aspect is the constant feedback from all parties this means that everyone is on the same page and if any problems are experienced than it is easy to solve them with the synergy that comes from this. Likewise, this factor can allow for you to set common goals or targets and work through them accordingly with both the organisation and your tutor.

Managers comments:

Since taking on Timothy he has fast become an invaluable member of the team, who has happily stepped up to every challenge we’ve put his way.  The benefit of having an apprentice is that he can learn our business from the ground up and does not come with any preconceived ideas of how the job can be done.  On top of the knowledge he is gaining from us in how to do the job he is also gaining valuable skill in administration which is further improving his work with us.  All in all a great asset to the company.

Neil Lewis – Branch Manager, Independent Freight Solutions Ltd 

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