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Absolute Works make HR and Employment painless and stress free in such a way that our team become an inherent part of the day to day running of your business.

We are your emergency service team, taking everything off your hands, with a personal service that considers everybody, not just your employees, allowing you to invest more time in business growth and success.

Absolute Works have experience in a broad range of sectors. Whatever your business, we can offer the solutions to help you in a way that’s supportive, friendly, easy and above all fun!

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  • Instructing Absolute Works to take over all our HR issues has been an absolute god send and a commercial decision we should have made a long time ago. They have assisted us effortlessly in streamlining our systems and procedures and their advice and knowledge is second to none. I would recommend any company who is falling short on their HR department to consider outsourcing immediately – it could cost you heavily in the long run if you don’t.
  • I like the fact that Absolute Works always reply quickly. There's always someone there you can speak to. They are very knowledgeable. Absolute Works will virtually hold your hand every step of the way in their area of expertise. If I have difficult cases or situations at work, I know I can contact the team and they will advise me or come and deal with the situation for me. They give you all the information so you can make an informed decision. It's valuable having peace of mind when you are handling sensitive issues. I really appreciate it the support they have provided.
  • It has been a pleasure working with the team. I became aware of Absolute works when I heard the CEO Joy May speak at an event. Joy spoke with clarity and authority on the subject of outsourced HR, something we were in need of.
    I’ve been a customer for over a year and we've been very well looked after. Emma has helped us draft and implement compliant HR documents and processes. It is very reassuring and saved us time having Emma as part of our team, looking after the HR issues, so I can focus on running my own business.
  • Running a company, particularly in the industry that we operate in can become a bit of a minefield. Some of the worries and concerns around keeping your employees and company safe can be a time consuming process which takes you away from your core business. Working alongside Absolute Works since 2017 has given us the reassurance and support we need to concentrate on our clients’ needs thus giving them our optimal attention.
    Their personable and contactable approach enables us to get answers and advice quickly without having to wait. In addition, their willingness to host regular seminars and discussions enables us to keep ahead of current issues whilst maintaining our on-going compliance.
  • Dealing with Absolute HR has been like a breath of fresh air. It is very reassuring to have consistent expert advice and support that is just a phone call away. We can’t now imagine being without them and would highly recommend their services.
  • Absolute Works take the time to understand our unique recruitment needs. They help us with all aspects of the recruitment process, from sourcing candidates, screening CVs and conducting initial interviews. They provide a high standard of service that results in us securing the ideal candidates for the role. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for your recruitment needs.
  • I like Absolute Works' ability to listen, understand and then deliver what we need and do it all in a lovely, professional way. We've been using them for a couple of years. I know I can trust their advice.
  • Absolute Works are providing us with really good support where we need it, which is exactly what we wanted.
  • I like the approachability and their 'can do' approach. We really benefit from their in-depth knowledge of retail and their understanding of personnel within retail. They highlight issues way before they are identified by us. They are much more effective than any internal HR department I've ever worked with. They've taken on a massive part of our business. They deal with all our compliance, HR and personnel. They are true experts in their field.
  • I have worked with Absolute Works since 2012. Our initial needs were to coach and support the senior managers and directors to improve the performance of managers and employees and resolve HR issues. The success of this led to the introduction of coaching for senior members of staff. The team at Absolute Works, were able to guide and encourage the management team to find solutions to issues as opposed to providing the answer. This has resulted in improved skill, knowledge and performance of the managers. We also now have much better HR practices, including an appraisal process as well as improved staff retention. The team always respond promptly and understand the key issues, quickly resolving problems and keeping everyone happy. All our HR administration is carried out by the team, this saves us time and ensures that we remain compliant.
    Absolute Works show a willingness to get things done and go the extra mile. Working with Absolute Works has benefited our business tremendously in terms of improving our HR procedures, cost savings and as a result better morale. I'm very happy with the service that I receive from Absolute Works.
  • Joy was most helpful in helping us to look at the business from a strategic point of view as up until this period both Directors had become very involved in dealing with day to day issues and were at times not being strategic in their outlook. Joy helped emphasise the need for Director level meetings focusing on Finance, HR, Projects Marketing and Business Development. Her experience and knowledge helped us develop a framework in order to discuss and address these areas of the business at a high level.
    I would highly recommend Joy as a business coach to any small to medium sized business, who are open minded in their approach to achieving and sustaining growth and are looking for experience and insightfulness in order to obtain this. We were so impressed that the team are now our outsourced HR partners.
  • Absolute Works provide exceptional support and are very responsive to any requests we have. They are incredibly knowledgeable in employment law and help us apply it fairly. We have had to deal with several challenging issues and because of Absolute Works we have managed them in a timely and effective way without any adverse consequences. Nothing ever seems to be an issue for the team. When they say they will do something, they do it to a very high standard. For a small organization like ours, who cannot yet support a dedicated HR function, that support is invaluable.
  • We started working with Absolute HR Solutions in 2012 because we needed a knowledgeable, HR specialist for expert help with a difficult employee situation. Prior to that HR was simply not a priority on my radar! Sure, the team are always responsive and professional, but more importantly, they tailor their advice and guidance to suit our (SME) business needs. Now, I finally see the real benefit this brings to orchestrating my team’s behaviours and wouldn’t be without it.
  • The support we have received from Joy, Amy, Emma and the team at Absolute Works has been vital to us and has enabled us to structure our organisation to take our next step forward. HR has always created anxiety for organisations like ours and after using many different companies, I have found myself tied into expensive contracts with restrictive support. The team at Absolute Works go above and beyond, not only are they good value for money in regards to the package they offer but to have someone who supports, guides and assures you during challenging times unfortunately is against the norm. On many occasions I have called after hours and have always got a response.  Absolute Works is a family run business created by people that care, not corporate but community. To me, this makes all the difference in the world.
  • Very helpful in all areas of HR support and training.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions with Joy. I felt she really listened to my needs and then helped me become more confident and motivated to achieve my goals, with her sound advice. I have no hesitation in recommending Joy as a coach.
  • As a small and fairly young business, having Absolute Works available to work with us as we encounter HR issues is invaluable.
    Throughout our latest engagement with them they have proved attentive, responsive, knowledgeable and extremely supportive. Always able to turn around an inquiry really quickly, with both accuracy and a human touch. The way that we were taken through the process step by step was incredibly helpful and left us knowing that we had completed the process with due consideration of the interests of all parties.
    As a small team, they are always up to date with all current issues – but the fact that we worked with the same friendly and knowledgeable HR partner from beginning to end was a real bonus for us.
    We will be expanding Absolute Works’ remit with us moving forward!
  • I am a Birmingham Solicitor and Managing Director of a medium sized firm. We instructed Absolute Works in 2015/6. I would prefer to keep this testimonial confidential but want to say how good Absolute Works are. The team were highly professional, personable and excelled at understanding the 3 issues with different employees very quickly. One issue in particular was complicated and the team were excellent and their legal experience helped immensely. The team had the skills to objectively assess issues and work with me to help to conclude them quickly and sensibly. Joy and her team would be a great asset to small/medium firms like ours in assisting with HR. I would recommend Absolute Works- they are simply excellent.
  • Thanks to Amy and Joy at Absolute Works for hosting the CJRS webinar, and for the support and guidance made available to our clients in this difficult time. The regulations and guidance are constantly changing, and the practical advice and guidance from the experts at Absolute Works has made navigating through it all so much easier.
  • Amy, Joy, Emma and all the team at Absolute Works have been amazing during this period. Helping guide us through the minefield and ever-changing landscape. They have taken all the heavy lifting, allowing me to focus on other areas of the business that required urgent attention, knowing that our HR was going to be compliant and helping us with making all the correct decisions