When you’re running a business, you want to do everything you can to avoid things that waste your time and money, or that turn potential customers off. You also want to make sure that every person in your business is being treated fairly and is given all the tools they need to be able to do their job properly.

If you’re not compliant with employment law, you’re running the very real risk of being fined, taken to tribunal, and wrecking your reputation amongst customers, prospects, and even your team. That’s because employment law changes so frequently. Unless you’re an HR expert, it can be tricky to keep up. But it’s important that you do, because one missed change in the law could have serious consequences for your business. Even if it’s unintentional. For that reason, it’s really important that you regularly take time to review your HR documents, including contracts and policies, to make sure you’re looking out for everyone’s best interests. Of course, that can be very time consuming – even if you only review things once every six months, or even every year.

Is there a chance that any of your documents are out of date? Our team is frequently asked about the things that are most important to check regularly, so we are offering a limited number of businesses an HR healthcheck. This is completely free of charge. Would this help you? If so, simply get in touch by commenting on this post or calling 0333 2005153.

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