The recent comments made by Donald Trump were referred to by him as ”locker room talk” and this tactic of trivialising acts of alleged sexual harassment is not uncommon in Employment law Tribunals.

HR plays an important role in ensuring that your workforce understands how easy it is to move into unconscious sex discrimination and this can be easier for your employees if they undertake Diversity Training which can be provided by Absolute Works.    

It is often difficult for employers to develop a relaxed working environment for their employees without creating an opportunity for employees to develop offensive behaviour which can often result in employment claims.

In order to avoid liability, Employers need to show that they have taken all practical steps to ensure that employees do not commit acts of unlawful harassment.  Implementing a clear and consistent Equal Opportunities Policy, commitment to Diversity Training and a well written Complaints Procedure, demonstrates that an employer has acted appropriately to eliminate unlawful acts.  If unacceptable behaviour occurs, companies should act quickly and consistently and make it clear to the workforce that this type of behaviour is not acceptable, regardless of who is involved. 

A key challenge for employers is to eliminate “male only” areas from the workplace, whether it is meeting for a social in the local pub after work or on a company corporate day. Currently, a great deal is being done to ensure that women are more widely represented at board level in FTSE companies. With effect from April 2018, UK businesses employing 250 employees or more will be required to publish their percentage gender pay gap.  These regulations will identify the corporates with a poor gender equality track record and will hopefully increase the number of women appointed to senior management roles.  

The comments made by Donald Trump leave a clear message to UK business owners. In order to ensure that you have acted correctly, “Put procedures in place to eliminate locker room behaviour in your business.

If you need help in ensuring that your company policies and procedures are up to date then please get in touch with Absolute Works. We are here to help you get ahead of the employment game.