In April 2020 the H.S.E. in conjunction with the C.B.I. and the T.U.C. provided further guidance for businesses remaining open during the current Coronavirus pandemic. The following is a summary for you to follow in terms of your obligations to report under RIDDOR;

  • An unintended incident at work has led to someone’s possible or actual exposure to coronavirus. This must be reported as a dangerous occurrence.
  • A worker has been diagnosed as having COVID-19 and there is reasonable evidence that it was caused by exposure at work. This must be reported as a case of disease.
  • A worker dies as a result of occupational exposure to coronavirus and this is confirmed as the likely cause of death by a medical practitioner, The business must report this within ten days of the death.

Should you have any H&S queries, you should revert to your nominated H&S support in the first instance, if you do not have any nominated H&S support we would be happy to assist. Please make contact by phoning 01926 355560 or emailing