HR can be a real nightmare. And it’s not just when you’re dealing with the dark side of HR either. You know, when you have to hold disciplinaries, or give people warnings, or even fire people. The nice side of HR, like the learning and development, and recognition and hiring new people can also be a little… not nice. Of course, we all want businesses where our employees are treated fairly and people are happy and productive. But doing the work to make it so can be a full-time job.

As the owner of a busy business, you are probably already at breaking point. Right? The issue is, if you ignore all of this stuff, the nightmare is going to become real. If your policies are out of date, or you fail to act on a complaint or grievance, or you treat people differently, trouble is ahead. In fact, it can not only bring those nightmares to reality, but it can end up costing you a lot of time and money to boot. A lot!

It’s likely that things only need a little tweak from time to time but if you simply don’t have the hours, you probably won’t know where that tweak needs to be made. That’s where the team at the Absolute Works come in. For a short time, we are extending our offer of a free HR healthcheck. One of our expert team will spend 30 minutes talking to you about your business and any challenges you may be facing. After this, you will get a copy of the HR healthcheck. It will be easy to understand and simple to implement, and of course, we’re always on hand should you require any further assistance. Ready to book your 30-minute call? The offer will expire as soon as the healthcheck availability has been taken up, this is a first come first served offer so contact us without delay! 0333 200 5153