The last six months have been a challenge for people in many different ways. Looking after your own mental health is more important now than ever.

Tomorrow 10th October 2020 is World Mental Health Day.

We all have Mental Health; some days it’s great, other days not so. The trick is to be aware of how you’re feeling and understanding what you can do to help improve your own mental health. One size doesn’t fit all in this case.

We have two challenges to you and for you to pass onto your teams……

Challenge 1: How are you?

Three words you probably utter multiple times every day; and you potentially don’t even stop to listen to the answer. Over the next 3 days, ask 3 people (in or outside of work) how they are and really listen to their response. Have a conversation about how their day/week/year has been and truly listen. You don’t have to ‘fix’ them, just show genuine interest in what they have to say.

Challenge 2: Looking after you Think about the activities or things that improve your mental health & make a commitment this weekend to do it! It could be going for a walk, exercise, time with your family, painting, reading a book, the list is endless. Pick one, commit the time and feel the difference.