According to a YouGov Poll, 29% of people have been victims of workplace bullying.

That’s almost 3 in every 10 workers, which is a crazily high statistic.

Bullying and harassment is a still a really big problem for businesses to manage and it’s something you need to take seriously as it is a legal obligation.

But unless people are speaking up, which often doesn’t happen, how do you know if bullying is happening in your business?

There are 4 big signs that you need to look out for:

🔄 Behavioural changes:

Pay attention to sudden and unexplained changes in an employee’s behaviour. Withdrawal, increased anxiety or mood swings can be indicators.

👥 High turnover in specific teams:

Consistent turnover in a particular team or department may signal an underlying issue. Explore the reasons behind the trend.

🤒 Increased absenteeism:

A spike in sick leave requests can be a red flag. Employees might be seeking refuge from a toxic work environment.

✋ Isolation and exclusion:

If an employee is consistently excluded or isolated, it’s crucial to investigate potential social bullying.

You can also create opportunities to listen to employees by conducting pulse surveys and anonymous surveys to make it easier to speak up without fear of retaliation.

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