Due to COVID19 and the various changes to the way we are now working, together with the general stresses of another lock down brings, it is not surprising that employers are now focusing even more on workplace wellbeing.

Historically, there has been a focus on physical health however we have seen (a welcomed) shift in focus from reactive management of sickness absence to a more proactive approach of prevention through promoting wellbeing and improving employee engagement.

As an employer, if you are looking for new ways to address staff wellbeing, please feel free to contact us for a free copy of our Wellness Action Plan. This tool helps all employees manage their mental health and wellbeing at work. This is a personalised practical tool to help identify what keeps your employees well at work, what causes them to become unwell, and how to address a mental health problem at work should they experience it. This is not solely for use for those employees who have poor physical or mental health at this time, rather, it is to be used as a proactive tool to promote general wellbeing amongst the entire workforce.  It also helps to open up a dialogue between employee and line manager so they can better understand the needs and experiences of the employee and better support their mental health.

If you want to know more about WAP please contact us on 01926 355560.