What approach do you take to help your employees develop and gain new skills?

Managers have a vital role in a business. They’re there to help get the best out of people. To help keep them happy and productive. To help them grow and reach their professional (and sometimes personal) goals.

You could argue it’s almost the role of a mentor.

That’s if a manager is doing their job properly, rather than taking an old-fashioned approach to management. You know the type… micromanaging, not discussing progression, ignoring conflict, and taking all the praise for a team effort.

People don’t leave bad jobs, they leave bad managers, after all.

So why not try repositioning your managers as mentors instead? There are countless benefits, including:

• Less conflict and better working relationships
• A more supportive environment
• Less resistance to change
• Better productivity and success
• A happier, more loyal, more engaged workforce

That’s not to mention the improved skills and knowledge that will come from being mentored rather than managed.

It’s not always easy to make a change like this – especially with managers that have been working the same way for a long time. But with the right guidance and advice, it can be simpler than you think.

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