Employment judge Johnson said: “This was a case where the support of HR would have greatly assisted all parties.”

Ms A Paynter V Chief Constable of Merseyside Police

The tribunal ruled the management of the grievance was “not handled properly” and that the “evidence clearly shows there was a very poor understanding by management of their grievance policy, how it should be managed and who should be involved when a member of staff lodges a grievance at every level”. In addition the tribunal accepted that the three allegations relating to the grievance amounted to a “fundamental breach” of the implied term of “trust and confidence” between employer and employee.

⁉️ Do you have a Grievance Policy ? (it is a legal requirement)

⁉️ Does the management team understand the grievance policy? How to handle grievances and who should be involved?

⁉️ Do you have an HR expert who you can contact for advice at relevant stages when faced with a grievance?

Our experience, especially since COVID is that there has been an increase in employee grievances. This case is a reminder that HR plays a crucial role in reducing risk to businesses. If you need any help with a current grievance or training your team on how to deal with them or, you need a Grievance Policy then get in touch 0333 2005153 for a no obligation discussion.