Many employers will have submitted claims and benefitted from the CJRS.

HMRC will be carrying out audits to ensure the employers have not claimed incorrectly or fraudulently. There is also a reporting line where employees and other members of the public can report an employer/ company where they think that a fraudulent claim has been made and/or that the CJRS is being abused.

Importantly, businesses can only benefit from the scheme if they both NOTIFY and AGREE and CONFIRM IN WRITING with those employees that they are furloughed employees and a record of this communication must be kept for 5 years. We would recommend and employer get all affected employees to either sign or in where this is not possible, get them to acknowledge electronically their agreement. HMRC will want to see these written agreements.

Our strong advice would be to get your records in order now. Contact us for more information on how we can help. 01926 355560