Rishi Sunak, Prime Minister announced yesterday that there would be an election on 4 July. Whilst we can only speculate at the moment for the reasons for calling the election and also who will be the next party in power, one big question that many people are asking is ‘What could this mean for employment law?’

If Labour win, then WORKERS RIGHTS in GB will fundamentally change. Some of the proposals detailed on their GREEN PAPER: NEW DEAL FOR WORKERS’ RIGHTS include;

  • A DAY ONE right for Unfair Dismissal, Sick Pay and Parental leave – there is mention that employers could still use probationary periods. We wait to see how the day one right and probationary periods could work in harmony 🤯 .
  • Increasing the level of sick pay and removing waiting days 
  • Increasing the time limit for bringing TRIBUNAL CLAIMS from 3 months to 6 months
  • Introducing a right to disconnect

We can see many of our fellow HR professionals with their heads in their hands as an immediate reaction to the thought of what the above means for the workplace!

One thing is for sure: if Labour win the election, workers rights are going to be strengthened. This means HR professionals are going to be EXTREMELY busy and employers are going to need event more support to navigate the anticipated new landscape of worker rights. Business owners watch this space!