It has recently been reported that staff will gain the right to request flexible working from their first day.
The measure is derived from the wider “Good Work Plan” started in 2019. Although the full details have not yet been released, it is understood that some of the key recommendations are:

  • Businesses should allow persons to seek flexible working from Day One of a job rather than, as now, having to wait for six months.
  • Businesses will be obliged to respond to requests quicker than the current maximum of three months.
  • If a request is refused, the employer will need to explain why and suggest an alternative work arrangement. (there will possibly be ‘reasonableness test’ for the refusal to grant the request rather than establishing one on the grounds of business needs)

 Many employers do not currently have a flexi-working policy in place, and even fewer follow a very prescriptive process. This leaves them exposed to legal challenge and risk of reputational as well as financial damage.

If you’re concerned about this upcoming change, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team who would be happy to discuss in more detail – 0333 2005153.