Expansion of protection of women on maternity leave and suitable alternative employment options……

The Protection from Redundancy (Pregnancy and Family Leave) Act 2023 and the Maternity Leave, Adoption Leave and Shared Parental Leave (Amendment) Regulations 2024 came into effect on 6 April 2024. In cases of redundancy, employers are mandated to explore suitable alternative employment options. Previously, women on maternity leave were given priority for suitable alternative employment in the event of redundancy. The recent legal changes now expand this priority to include individuals:

– On Maternity Leave, with protection lasting for 18 months from the anticipated week of childbirth

– On Adoption Leave, with protection also lasting for 18 months from the child’s placement for adoption

– On Shared Parental Leave, with protection for 18 months from the child’s birth or placement for adoption, provided that the employee has taken at least 6 consecutive weeks of Shared Parental Leave.

This does not mean that the employee must be offered work that they are not able to do, or
that work has to be created for an employee.

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