It’s likely that you have employees who spend a large part of their day using display screen equipment (DSE) like computer monitors or other devices. And if that’s the case, you have a responsibility as an employer to pay for eye tests for your people.

The 19th to the 25th of September marks National Eye Health Week, so as a responsible employer, it’s a good opportunity for you to remind your employees of their entitlements when it comes to keeping their vision in tip top health.

Although using DSE doesn’t cause permanent damage to eyes, it can cause short term discomfort from dry or tired eyes, headaches, and even temporary short-sightedness. And because often there are long spells of looking at a screen, it can make people aware of vision problems they didn’t notice before.

If one of your employees has a sight test and is required to wear glasses for DSE use, it’s your responsibility to pay for glasses. However, if the employee needs glasses for other purposes, it’s their responsibility to cover the costs. Lots of employers provide benefits that cover part or all of the cost of sight tests and correction. If this is something you offer, make sure your employees are aware of what they’re entitled to.

It’s also your responsibility to carry out a health and safety assessment for your employees’ workstations, and this should include things like making sure monitors are positioned correctly, that lighting is appropriate, and that your people are all taking regular breaks away from their screens to reduce the chance of eye strain.

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