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Performance & Appraisals

Your employees lie at the heart of your business. You need them to be engaged, motivated and work effectively ensuring they are reaching their full potential. Employee performance management process starts during the probationary period.

A good onboarding process and induction will give any new employee a great start. A probationary period allows both the employee and the employer to ‘test the water’ and to establish whether the right person is in the right job in the right company. Probation reviews are a two-way dialogue and give the employee and employer the opportunity to have a discussion regarding how things are going and whether additional support is required or requested. No employee should be surprised at the outcome of the probationary period whether that be that they will or will not be confirmed in post. Regular conversations are key to this.

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Performance reviews shouldn’t stop after a probation period, employees need to have the opportunity to discuss their performance with their employers regularly and many employers use a formal bi-annual appraisal process to document this. This is the opportune time to look at development requirements and future potential and succession planning as part of the bigger company strategy.

No two businesses are the same which is why our team of experts can guide you through and assist in developing a probation review process / documentation and review / appraisal process /documentation that fits in with the values and culture of your business. With our input at the outset, you’ll not only be legally compliant but, you’ll be sure the set off on the right foot!

As well as working with you to develop documentation and processes, Absolute Works can carry out training for your management teams ensuring both parties get maximum benefit from the performance management process. We can coach your teams to ensure that the performance review process is seen and used as a valuable tool and not just a tick box exercise.

HR Software and Record Keeping

Our HR Portal has been developed by our internal team of HR experts with HR administration and ease of use in mind.

Our HR Portal is both employer and employee facing which means that there is an administrative part for line managers to manage their teams and also a self-service side for employees. It stores key employee information and documentation such as contracts of employment and copy correspondence. The portal can be used to issue documentation for instantaneous e-signature by the employee, no printing or scanning required! It also reminds employers of impending deadlines such as probation reviews and VISA expiry. It has an absence management module and the facility for employees to request holiday and for employers to approve the holiday.

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In addition to this there is a clock in and clock out facility which can be used for payroll reporting and processing, attendance management and fire drill registers.

If you sign up to our Fully Outsourced package, you and your employees will get access to the HR Portal for free and our team will keep all the administration up to date and help you access it.

We also offer the HR portal as a stand-alone product. With remote working being common-place and the safe storage of employee information and paperwork being ever more important, employers need quick, easy and a centralised system so they can save time, work more efficiently and save money.  Click here if you would like more information on the price of our portal.

Furlough audits

As an employer, if you have submitted Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme claims and benefited from a furlough grant, you will want to make sure your house is in order in terms of your paperwork, calculations and audit trail. The rules are extremely complicated and have been changing with the wind.

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HMRC will be carrying out audits to ensure the employers have not claimed incorrectly or fraudulently. There is also a reporting line where employees and other members of the public can report an employer/ company where they think that a fraudulent claim has been made and/or that the CJRS is being abused. The names of all employers that have claimed a furlough grant will be in the public domain.

Importantly, businesses can only benefit from the scheme if they NOTIFED, AGREED and CONFIRMED IN WRITING with those employees that were/are furloughed employees and a record of this communication must be kept for 5 years. We would recommend an employer get all affected employees to either sign or in where this is not possible, get them to acknowledge electronically their agreement. HMRC will want to see these written agreements.

Our strong advice would be to get your records in order now. If you would like to know whether you have everything in place you should have contact us for more information on how we can help.


Training is vital in improving individual and team performance, it increases engagement and decreases absenteeism and turnover. Often overlooked, training is key to any company’s success.

Absolute Works offer training and coaching for all levels of your workforce from the ‘shop floor’ to the board room. We can help you understand and identify the reasons behind poor performance and engagement. We will support you by developing strategies to boost productivity and service delivery, devising and implementing improvement plans and capability procedures that draw out the very best results from your team. Absolute Works offer a service that provides for a forward-thinking team.

We can carry out the training with small or large groups, or on a one to one basis, whatever you prefer. We develop the training session content and material ensuring that we meet your needs, whatever your requirements are and across all aspects of your business. 

Our comprehensive collection of tailored programmes include:

  • Inductions, probations and appraisals
  • Performance management
  • Disciplinary and grievance
  • Absence management
  • Redundancy management
  • Reward Management
  • Health and Safety
  • Estate Agency Compliance [hyperlink to Qualification and Training tab of Apprenticeship section]
  • Customer service
  • Sales
  • Leading teams
  • Introduction to Finance
  • Operational Management and related management programmes [Hyperlink to Apprentices page]

Apprenticeships & E-learning 

Do you have employees that you would like to upskill? Are you considering taking on a New Apprentice?

An apprenticeship is a great way to invest In your employees and keep them engaged and motivated whilst at the same time enhancing their knowledge and contribution to the business. 

We deliver apprenticeships across non levy and levy paying businesses throughout the UK and we have a 100% pass rate with apprentices who have sat their end point assessment.

Our flexibly and bespoke approach to training delivery along with our commitment to working in partnership with employers, ensures that the needs of the apprentices, employers and business are met.

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We only use specialist, experienced and qualified deliverers and assessors to ensure that apprentices get a first-class experience and transfer their learning into the workplace quickly.

Our team of experienced trainers and assessors have many years of expertise between them in delivering work-based education and training to organisations across England and are committed to delivering extremely high standards. To find out more click here [HL to apprenticeship page]

E-Learning is a great tool to use for remote learning and onboarding employees into the business. Employers can manage their costs and abstraction rates by utilising E-Learning; ensuring not all employees are absent for training at the same time. Employees can complete the learning at their own pace. All E-Learning is certificated. There is no better cost-effective way to educate your teams and mitigate your liability as an employer than to provide E-Learning.

We have access to a broad range of titles including;

  • H&S Essentials
  • Manual Handling
  • Equality & Diversity
  • Display Screen Equipment
  • Effective Communication
  • Cyber Security Essentials
  • Self-Awareness in Management
  • Understanding SWOT analysis
  • GDPR
  • Coronavirus Awareness

If you require a different title that you cannot see here, please contact a member of the team who will be able to assist you further.

  • Coaching & Mentoring

employment law + hr

Our qualified and experienced team of Employment Law and HR experts have been helping SMEs for over three decades, providing exceptional customer service and commercial advice that you can rely on. 


We deliver apprenticeships across non levy and levy paying businesses throughout the UK. We can help you with funding and finding or identifying the right apprentice for you. 


We offer a fully managed payroll service which allows our experts to organise and manage your payroll for you. 


Our IOSH (or equivalent) trained experts will work with you, freeing up your workforce and relieving the pressures of complying with demanding health and safety regulations.


Developed by our internal team of HR experts with HR administration in mind, our portal safely stores employee data and eases the administrative burden of all that paperwork! 


Absolute Works offer in person training and E-Learning packages for all levels of your workforce from the ‘shop floor’ to the board room. 

Disciplinary procedures and employment contracts.

An employer can also put their disciplinary procedures in the employment contract. If they do so and then do not follow the procedure, the employee could bring a claim for breach of contract.


Disciplinary appeals

If an employee thinks that the disciplinary action is unfair they can appeal to their employer setting out their grounds for appeal.

The employee should be offered the option to attend a further meeting to discuss the appeal which should be heard as soon as possible and in accordance with any timescales as set out in the Disciplinary Procedure. This meeting should be chaired by someone with sufficient seniority who was not involved in the initial disciplinary meeting/ process wherever possible.

As per the disciplinary meeting, the employee should be given reasonable notice and should be offered the right to be accompanied by a companion in accordance with the criteria above.

Final decision

Following the appeal meeting, the employer should write to the employee setting out their final decision. There is no further right of appeal.



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    Sometimes it is necessary to suspend an employee whilst a potential disciplinary issue is investigated, this is normally where the allegations are very serious or, if the employee being in the workplace or continuing to work may have an effect on the investigation or potentially put the safety of co-workers, visitors, themselves, property or data at risk. This means that suspension doesn’t happen very often. If, however it is necessary to suspend an employee, this will usually be with pay and the employer should (in most cases) be told why they are being suspended.

    The Employment Contract will dictate whether an employer can suspend without pay. If this is permitted, the employer must act reasonably in doing so.

    If the Employment Contract does not say that the employer can suspend the employee, the employer may still be able to suspend the employee, but this should be with pay.

    All employment rights remain in place during any suspension and if the employer does not have a contractual right to withhold pay, or even if the employer does, the employee may seek to make a claim in the Employment Tribunal for ‘unlawful deduction from wage.

    An employer should confirm the terms of suspension in writing. An employer may advise the employee that they are not permitted to talk to or make contact with other employees, customers and / or suppliers and should the employee do so, the employer may be able to bring further disciplinary action. Employers need to be aware however that the employee must be able to make any necessary contact to defend their actions and therefore some contact may be necessary so some leniency may be required. This may be the case where the employee considers they need to obtain evidence to support their case from a work IT system or speak to a co-worker who was witness to an incident. Of course, if an employee wants to request a co-worker accompany them to the disciplinary hearing, they will need authority from the employer to make appropriate contact.

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