Did you know that an employee/ ex-employee does not have to pay any fees to the Employment Tribunal to issue a claim against their employer/ ex-employer? This has actually been the case since July 2017 when the Supreme Court abolished tribunal fees with immediate effect. Since this time, there has been a rise in claims. Add into that, the increasingly litigious world that we live in and the new Coronavirus legislation and the complications surrounding that and the claim numbers have soared!

This means that more employers are finding themselves involved in expensive, stressful and lengthy tribunal cases. It is also worth noting that where an employee/ ex-employee is representing themselves or otherwise, the Tribunal can take a more lenient and sympathetic stance which can be very frustrating for the employer / ex-employer just adding to the stress levels.

The average award for unfair dismissal claims in 2020 was £10,812 and for sexual orientation claims it was £27,936, not to mention the legal fees in fighting the case and the cost for abstraction of management time in preparing the case and attending the tribunal if they are required as witnesses.

As a business owner / leader it is extremely tricky to keep up to speed with the complexity and ever-changing employment legislation. The Absolute Works offers a range of packages to help keep employers compliant from a HR and H&S Perspective and gives employers back their time and allows them to sleep at night knowing it is all taken care of.

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