With effect from 9th February 2017 all Employment Tribunal Judgements will be accessible online through the Gov.UK website

What this means for your business?

If anyone wants to find out more about your business in terms of claims brought and against you by an employee or ex-employees, they will easily be able to go to the Government websites (address as above) and access all of the details of the case, including the outcome. This could be a risk to your business, particularly if the judgement goes against you as it could provoke adverse publicity and make it more difficult for you to employ new members of staff.

As an employer, the best thing you can do is proactively manage your employees and reduce your risk of being taken to a tribunal. Get in touch with us today by calling 01926 784040 and ask us to undertake a FREE HR Healthcheck. We will be able to advise you of any changes that need to be implemented in your business to reduce the risk of being taken to Tribunal by a member of staff.