As thousands of students get their A-Level results many will be considering the career paths and educational routes available to them.

Whilst many students are securing their university places many more are looking towards apprenticeships as an excellent opportunity to continue their education whilst working.

Apprenticeships offer an amazing opportunity to both learners and businesses. Learners receive a structured training programme and qualification with ongoing support. Businesses benefit from talented individuals who can add value to their company whilst receiving the support of an external Apprenticeship Training Provider.  

As an Approved Apprenticeship Training Provider, the Absolute Works team are delighted to announce they continue to see a huge increase in the uptake of apprenticeships and a massive increase in the quality of candidates over the past 12 months.

“We have a thorough interview process and screen all students to ensure we provide businesses with a high calibre apprentices’. It feels very positive to see bright enthusiastic school leavers joining and adding to value to local companies whilst embarking on their career paths”

Sarah Moss, Apprenticeship Manager, Absolute Works

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