Menopause is a normal life change and a natural part of our ageing process. 🌸

Yet, for some individuals it can be a hugely challenging time; one that significantly impacts their health, wellbeing and professional life. 😓

Many women feel blindsided by their menopausal symptoms at work; it can disrupt their work and overall performance, and shatter their confidence.

Failing to adequately support your employees with their menopausal symptoms by refusing to make reasonable adjustments or discriminating against them could land you in legal hot water.  😳

So, what can you do to minimise the risk, help build an inclusive culture, equip your line managers to navigate menopause conversations effectively and sensitively, and ensure you’re operating both commercially and legally?

Discover the answers in our latest guide; covering EVERYTHING you need to know. 🙌 Get in contact if you want a free copy of our guide.