Absolute Apprentices Operational Plan for remote education – January 2021 Absolute Works

Posted On: 25th January 2021

Absolute Works has continued to deliver and support apprentice throughout lockdown recognising that learning during this time will need to be reviewed constantly and relevant changes made.

We have flexed the curriculum during the pandemic, to support and ensure the apprentices can learn from home and we will continue to do so as we are reviewing this constantly in line with the Government guidelines for safe working and the anticipated return to work for the learners and the challenges faced by employers. The Apprenticeship Manager has the overall responsibility to ensure the quality and the delivery of the remote education. Learning, assessment, feedback, and expectations will be continually clarified with all learners, employers and staff and any training and support needs identified and addressed.

We deliver the following Apprenticeship Standards:

  • Business Administrator
  • Customer Service Practitioner
  • Retailer
  • Team Leader/Supervisor
  • Operational and Departmental ManagementSome of the changes and adjustments we have made and will continued to make are listed below:
  • Distributing training packs consisting of a presentation, work pack and assignments, to ensure learners are building their knowledge and skills. Additional reading and stretch and challenge activities are sent out to all learners.
  • Training has been planned on Zoom and recorded on Moodle and will cover all the requirements of the knowledge for the standards. Apprentices also receive training via their assessor and trainer. Sessions are recorded and learners can access the sessions in their own time.
  • Monthly newsletter is distributed to update learners and employers and this includes the training schedule and any updates and notifications.Support sessions delivered on zoom for preparing for end point assessment, off the job training requirements and support on project management.E-learning topics have been increased and this is available for all learners and includes, ‘Coronavirus and infection control’, Internet safety and protocol and Safeguarding which we considered extremely important during this time.
  • Six weekly assessor reviews will continue to ensure all learners progress on their apprenticeship programme.
  • The Wellbeing of the learners is a priority for the assessors, and they monitor this during their contact with the learners These are reviewed weekly by the assessors. Additional care packages have been sent out to learners, which cover all subjects of working from home, well being and mental health support.
  • Weekly assessor updates are in place to check progression, attendance on training and any concerns. Feedback to employers is given to highlight any concerns, with a stakeholder report sent out.
  • Any vulnerable or learners with special education neds will continue to access additional support from their assessors to ensure they progress on their apprenticeship.
  • Maths & English, BKSB is being used to develop both skills and prepare the learners for examinations if required.
  • All Apprentices have been accessed to establish whether they have access to technology, adjustments have been made for those who are facing difficulty
  • Flexible assessments will be used for end point assessments and functional skills.