Amy Martin, MD at Absolute Works

Amy Martin

Managing Director

In late 2013 Amy Martin, a former employment law solicitor, joined Joy at Absolute Works, bringing with her a wealth of legal knowledge and management experience. She spent nine years practicing in a variety of legal fields, most recently employment law. She is CIPD qualified and an associate member of CIPD, and her arrival marked a period of rapid expansion for Absolute Works.

During her time in the legal world, Amy witnessed first-hand, the stress caused by workplace conflicts reaching the Employment Tribunal, she is therefore particularly passionate about being proactive in managing people to prevent conflict in the first instance. Amy assists a variety of clients with their HR needs, looking at issues from both a legal and commercial viewpoint. She takes the pain of HR away from her clients and with the team at Absolute Works provides a top class customer service.

Amy has played a central role in helping Absolute Works expand beyond Warwickshire and the Midlands to provide their services to companies nationally, with their Kenilworth location allowing for convenient access to motorways to accommodate clients throughout the UK.